Prieshoff plays into a new trimester

Posted on November 22, 2006 by


Alix Lutian
Staff Writer

Percussionist Kelsey Prieshoff (11) enters the room. She sits in her chair and searches the room for some comfort. Her hands begin to sweat and she sees her director assume his position on the podium.

“The pressure is on and it’s scarier this year,” Prieshoff said. “Mrs. (Gay) Burton (band director) stood behind my shoulder, and yes, watched me play.”

Symphonic band has drastically changed since last year. This year, there are two percussionists and Prieshoff must switch between every song, although this change has not altered Kelsey’s opinion on symphonic.

“I get to play the vibraphone because I rock,” Prieshoff said.

She also claims that it’s much more laid back than marching band, but it also has the most pressure out of all the concert bands.

“Marching band you have the physical stain on top of everything else you’re doing,” Preishoff said.

Preishoff is a very diligent student and proceeds to participate in symphonic band, even though the pressure from Burton may be tough.

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