Dietz moves to varsity basketball

Posted on November 29, 2006 by


Kelly Schafer
Staff Writer

Her adreneline is pumping and sweat is dripping down her face as she steps onto the court to start a new quarter. She sets herself with her knees set ready for anything that may come her way. The whistle is blown and she is completely entranced by everything on the court. Aimee Dietz will be a senior on this year’s varsity girls basketball team. She is extremely excited to begin her final journey through CHS basketball.

“This year is going to be great, and I can’t wait to see what our team can do,” Aimee Dietz (12) said.

Aimee has played basketball all four years of high school, but this will be her first time on a varsity team.

“It’s pretty exciting to be on a varsity team, but I am certain it will be a lot tougher,” Dietz said.

As a senior, Aimee is given the unwritten rule of being a leader, on the court and off. Her attitude will influence not only her teamates, but also those of her opponents.

“I am kind of nervous to be a senior, the team always expects a lot from the seniors,” Dietz said.

Another addition to Dietz’s excitement is the welcoming of a new coach. Though he is not a new coach to basketball, Coach Meyer has never formally coached girls basketball.

“I think coach Meyer will do great, I am just nervous because he does not know the team as well as our last coach. That may present some problems with relationships on the team,” Dietz said.

The season has started out pretty slow for Aimee and her team, the team is now 0-2, but the next game is tonight in McCuen gym.

“The year hasn’t gone too well for us so far, but we are always improving and I believe we will end with a good record,” Dietz said.