New year, new challenges in english

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Fernando Gonzalez
Staff Writer

As the school year approaches its midpoint, many students are finding that their workload is increasing. This rise in the amount of schoolwork is especially significant with the juniors in AP English. This is the first year in which the junior level Honors English course offers the opportunity to gain college credit. However, with this added bonus, comes a more challenging class.

“It’s a whole different ball game,” said Kathy Greene (English teacher), “There’s not as much handholding. The class does not teach you what to think, it teaches you how to think.”

However, there are some differences between the regular Honors course and AP besides the opportunity to earn college credit.

“This class differs from regular honors in the level of intensity of writing and it forces you to be more interactive with the text. You can’t just read for two hours the night before and say ‘I’m ready for class!’” said Greene.

This is because students must pass the AP test in May to earn college credit. The English test consists of three essays and a multiple choice section; the essays include: one open-ended portion, one in which you analyze a piece of writing (also known as explication), and another in which you analyze a piece of poetry.

The depth of a book’s analysis is another large difference between AP and regular Honors.

“AP makes you think about what the author does to bring meaning to the text; you don’t just have a pre-packaged theme. I like the challenge of it, it’s even forcing me to examine the text further!” said Greene.

And although the class is very demanding and difficult, students are enjoying the class, partly because of the teacher’s interaction with them.

“Mrs. Greene really connects with students in a way that other teachers have forgotten,” Ryan Peat (11) said. “The class is more challenging, but Mrs. Greene makes it easier to understand.”

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