Burt gets stoked for basketball season

Posted on December 5, 2006 by


Benjamin Gooding
Staff Writer

The Minutemen Boys Basketball team is stoked, fired up, enshrouded by high preseason rankings and a starting five composed entirely of seniors with eighteen plus years starting experience, ready to avenge their disappointing showing in the Elkhart sectional last year. The Spirit recently interviewed Senior Point Guard Conner Burt inquiring of his feelings about the team and his role of leadership.

“This year’s team is a replica of last years, with a lot more experience”, Burt said with an air of confidence.

“We currently are held back because the football team going to state and all so are coming together and goal setting will come later, but the outlook is bright and the overall consensus of the coaching staff is positive.”

When asked of his role Burt responded, “I believe I am to lead the team in keeping composure on the floor.”

Last years team was plagued at times with emotions spilling on the court, in Burt’s eyes. Burt remembered specific incidents in last years game with opponent Plymouth being excessively emotional and being overall out of hand. “We can’t let bad call’s and opposing players attitudes affect our game, we are out there to win and when emotions get in the way of them team composure must be held.”

“I believe on a personal level, I need to learn to control the ball better, to play with confidence.”

As Point Guard, Burt believes his confidence is imperative to the confidence of the whole team, Burt thinks that the role of a point guard is to to control traffic and hold himself with poise to assure that of the whole team. “I have become much more confident in my own shot, times when I passed off and open shot last year will equate to scored buckets this year.”

In that, Burt assured The Spirit that this will surely be an exciting year of Minutemen magic, and hopes are high for a sectional championship and valiance in the latter stages of tournament play.