Burson on physics

Posted on December 11, 2006 by


Spencer Roach
Staff Writer

Many years ago, as Robert Burson (physics teacher) decided what he wanted to do in his adult life, he wanted to mix two things that he enjoyed doing: physics-related activities and the discussion of them. Teaching physics allowed him to do this, so he decided to become a physics teacher. One of the reasons for doing so is because of all the hands-on activity that physics requires.

“You get to blow things up and take apart fuses,” Burson said.

Although having knowledge about physics is important, the ability to explain key concepts of physics to high schoolers is also a necessity for Burson. The desire to discuss physics attracted him to his teaching job further.

“I like to explain things to people and watch people learn,” Burson said.

Burson’s favorite aspect of teaching physics is when students participate in long-term projects. In the past, some of his favorite moments were watching airplanes students built fly and watching an egg separate from its shell after being launched. Recently though, one of the groups in his AP Physics class this year launched a pumpkin from the near side of the track across from the music entrance all the way into the creek separating CHS from CJHS. This feat left a lasting impression on Burson.

“That was really something,” Burson said.

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