Meade adds hustle to the court

Posted on December 28, 2006 by


Ben Gooding
Staff Writer

This year was phenomenal in Concord Football, with a perfect season and a State runner-up trophy, the Minutemen were a dominating force across the board. The Minutemen were led in end zone scoring by Mike Meade (12), arguably the best wide receiver in the Northern Lakes Conference. This year the hard floor will be seeing Meade with a different ball, and different jersey, but the same speed and enthusiasm as displayed on grass.

“Conditioning and playing indoors is a whole new experience for me,” Meade said. “I am put in very different situations than I am in football; being a second line player is new to me. The spotlight doesn’t matter to me, I play sports for fun. Obviously football is my strength.”

Meade came off of a fantastic football season to be a second string player and supporting reliever for those on the court.

“I believe I am strong with seeing situations and passing the ball where it needs to go,” Meade said.
Meade has played in all four of the Minutemen’s games this season to date, and has helped control the ball on offense, while hustling to be a significant force on the defense end of the court when needed.

“I feel that I am useful in practice to make my teammates better, and in game situations to be quick when the starters are tiring,” Meade said.
Meade is a great addition to an already talented Concord varsity basketball squad, and is already putting up impressive numbers in assists and rebounds.