Ken Dues

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Kate Kilgore
Staff Writer

In Dayton, Ohio on June 13, 1949, Ken Dues was born. Inspired by his grandfather, who taught at elementary school for fifty years, Dues has become a teacher. Dues has been teaching Technology Education at CHS for quite some time now.

“I enjoy the relationships with the students,” Dues said.

In his past, Dues was drafted into the Veteran army for active duty from 1969-71. He had oversees duty in Thailand for fifteen months. Dues’ favorite food is red meat.
Dues listens to country music and his favorite color is blue.

He has a family in which males are the majority with five brothers and three sons: Stephen, 29, Jeffery, 27, and Jonathan, 24. Dues also has a wife named Kenda, and two grandchildren. They are Spencer, who is three, and Sydney, who is three months old.

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