Girls swimming shows spirit

Posted on January 25, 2007 by


Kelly Frye
Staff Writer

Each winter, CHS gapes as the girls swimming team hosts their own set of spirit days. Spirit days are days of swim meets where the team wears unusual, but themed outfits to school.

“[We do spirit days] so people know that we have swim meets,” Heather Bellows (12) said. “Every year, the seniors always get to pick what we wear.”

On days of away meets, the girls dress up nicely, not wearing jeans. On days of home meets, however, they attract more attention by dressing wacky. 

“Everyone looks at you like you’re stupid,” Megan Glanders (10) said. “Sometimes they’re really fun.”

This year, the girls have dressed up for Princess Day, Barbie Day, 80s Day and Goodwill Day.

“The day of the first prelims for NLCs is always Goodwill Day,” Bellows said.

Another tradition of Goodwill Day is forcing a freshman to wear “the gold suit.”

“I had to wear the gold suit,” Jenn Dawson (9) said. “They pick a freshman every year.”

While the spirit days can be awkward, most of the girls enjoy them.

“It’s fun,” Bellow said. “A lot of underclassmen think it’s embarrassing, but once they get to be upperclassmen, they get what it’s for.”