Technology education teaches wood

Posted on March 8, 2007 by


Kate Kilgore
Staff Writer

In technology education classes, students work with wood. They learn what tools are and what they are for. Things are made.

“I have made a baseball bat and I helped make an end table. Right now, I am making a pump lamp for my final project. It is going to be really awesome. It is a lamp that looks like a water pump, but when you pump it, the light will come on, instead of water coming out,” Travis Smith (10) said.

This class is great for people that are planning on doing construction. It teaches about measuring and slicing wood in a shape that is desired. It is a bit dangerous because the students do work with very sharp objects. While working with such things, safety glasses are required. The students build both large and small projects.

“We learn about woods craftsmanship. I have made the shafts for a shed. I am making an end table for my final. The teacher said that we might make a motorcycle that is like a rocking horse, only the horse will be a motorcycle,” Andrew Wright (10) said.

People who enjoy building and creating things should take this class.

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