AP physics completes second trimester

Posted on March 11, 2007 by


Spencer Roach
Staff Writer

This week, students in Robert Burson’s (physics teacher) AP physics class completed their second of three trimesters. One of their final projects was to build a boat that could be used to keep themselves afloat.

In addition, the class held a race amongst all the group to determine which group could get their boat across the swimming pool in the shortest amount of time. The winner, Trent Roach (12), enjoyed his victory but had little to say about it.

“I won,” Roach said. “I felt cool.”

According to one of his classmates, those words did little to express the emotions Roach felt immediately after the race.

“He [Roach] told me that it was exhilarating afterwards,” Justin Kendle (12) said, who declined to comment on his group’s success in the boat race.

After the boat race, the class studied for their upcoming final, which covered topics discussed in physics I but in greater detail. Despite the students’ best efforts, many do not believe that they will receive a good grade on the exam.

“It could get real ugly,” Kendle said, who also said that he would be “really surprised” if he did well on the test.

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