Teacher pays predecessor homage

Posted on March 22, 2007 by


Eric Potterbaum
Staff Writer

Whenever anyone questions taking an AP course usually the thought in their heads is the simple one of “What class should I take?”

“Sometimes students take my class because they want to branch out into other AP classes, others just take it for the challenge, or because their parents told them too,” Chris Judson (AP English, language and composition teacher) said.

Whenever most students think of English they think of crummy assignments and huge essays involving hours of cramming in the late night and ten pages worth of spermatic thoughts. One thing though that you will learn in Mr. Judson’s AP class is two ideas, rhetoric and argumentation.

Also, Judson wanted to point out that when his students say “D.D.J.D”, he takes it as a compliment. Judson also had this to say: “I’m very humble to teach this class and all the classes that I teach. I think of who taught this class before me, Steve Kirkpatrick, and how he was so much of an amazing teacher. Everyday I think of him and how great a teacher he was.”

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