Carnival dancers captivate audience

Posted on March 29, 2007 by


Catie Lynch
Staff Writer

The CHS dance girls performed exceptionally well last night at Carnival. Everything went without a hitch, and the show flowed spectacularly. The opening number dazzled the audience and caught their attention early, keeping them engaged throughout the entire evening.

“Jump, Swing, Fever” was jazzy and classy cool. It may be remembered as one of the coolest openings in all of Carnival history. From their matching polkadotted dresses to the boy’s coordinating top-hats, the whole piece was brilliant. “The Walk” was impressive and full of expression, a delightful expression of the girls’ talent. Genni Housman’s dance solo captivated the audience. It was swift and eloquent, clear to the audience that she’s been working hard for a long, long time. It left them wanting more. Luckily, more was given to them in the form of Sara and Chellie Zou’s dance, which was well-coordinated and effective.

The dance team’s season is now officially over. It will start up again next year and hopefully will be just as good. Now those girls still in dance will begin performing for the Spring Dance Recital. It is the utmost culmination of 12 weeks of hard work and dedication, always impressive, and dance fans everywhere sit biting their nails in anticipation.

For a dancer, the work never stops. Even so, neither does the reward. At CHS, the dancers continue to provide excellent performances.

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