Upcoming Pops try-outs

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Possible headline: Upcoming Pops try-outs

Kelly Frye

Sports Editor

At the beginning of next week, select students in the CHS choirs will try out for solos and small ensembles during the two-day Pops Concert coming up in May.

“I’m not nervous personally, but I’m sure other people are,” Erica Todd (11) said. Todd is trying out for a solo entitled “Weeping Willow.”

She is not alone in her confidence about the Pops Concert.

“I am going to play the guitar and sing harmony on the last verse like a star,” Jeremiah Vandermolen (11) said.

Some people have more hesitation than Todd and Vandermolen.

“I don’t know [if I’m trying out] yet, but things are kind of rusty right now,” Kaila Thompson (11) said. Thompson is considering trying out for the duet “Lean on Me.”

Good luck at try-outs, and check in for more information on the upcoming Pops Concert.

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