Reusser talks about Girls Softball

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As a new addition to the team, Julie Reusser (11) sees this year’s softball season as a learning experience to come.

“It’s a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be,” Reusser admits.

This is her first year in playing at the high school level, and she saw it a great opportunity for her to get more involved in the school and to stay fit as well.

“The warm ups are always fun, then we break into groups like infield and outfield and then jv and varsity break into teams as well,” Reusser said.
Julie has been overjoyed in meeting the other girls as well.

“I like playing softball because the girls are all so different, unlike other things where they are mostly in the same group of friends or something like that,” Reusser said.

The girls practice hard outside, but when it rains they must come inside to practice.

“Outdoor practice is definitely more like a game and indoor is more like conditioning all over again, which is really tiring,” Reusser said.

The girls’ first game together went very well, Julie explained.

“We absolutely killed Jimtown eleven to zero, it was an awesome feeling to win by so much,” Reusser said.

Julie likes to win, just like all the other girls, but what she also loves to do is catch pop flies in the outfield.

“I like catching pop flies because they can be anywhere in the outfield and you have to run to get them,” Reusser said.

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