Lacrosse as a club sport

Posted on April 18, 2007 by


The boys and girls of the CHS Lacrosse team are practicing hard at Ox Bow Park, preparing for the upcoming season. Though team members put tremendous effort into every practice and game, the Lacrosse team is still not officially recognized as a sport. The team is technically an affiliated club, bearing the Concord name but not school funding or official endorsement. Indeed, both the school website and athletic office have no information readily available on the team.

Some students around CHS disagree with the status of the Lacrosse team.

“I think it should definitely be an official sport.” Kareem Albaba (11) said, “[Team members] but just as much effort into their season and team as anybody else, and they deserve to be recognized for it.”

Another aspect of the debate is that a lack of school funding makes it necessary for prospective members to buy their own equipment, thus creating an obstacle for recruitment of new members.

“Swim team works hard and we get recognized, I think the same standard should exist for the Lacrosse team.” Ross Winterbauer (11) said.

For now there seems to be no chance of Lacrosse becoming an official sport, at least not any time soon. Team members aren’t letting it go to their collective head, however, and continue to uphold the tradition of the team exceptionally.

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