AP Testing next two weeks

Posted on May 8, 2007 by


Kelly Frye

Sports Editor


            Last Wednesday, all AP students were required to attend a meeting during resource period regarding the upcoming AP tests. All AP students at CHS must take their respective AP test, or pay an unused test fee of $15.

            As a reminder, students may not bring the following items into an AP test: cell phone, PDAs, MP3 players, any electric devices, books, compasses, colored pencils, correction fluid, dictionaries, hilighters, notes, rulers (straightedges), computers, scratch paper, watches that beep or have an alarm, portable listening devices, food, drink or clothing with subject-related information.

            Here is next week’s testing schedule:

            Tuesday, May 8: Spanish Language

            Wednesday, May 9: Calculus

            Thursday, May 10: English Literature (11th grade)

            Friday, May 11: Studio Art Portfolios are due

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