Boys Lose Badly at St. Joe

Posted on May 15, 2007 by


The CHS Boys Lacrosse team traveled to St. Pats Park near Notre Dame yesterday to compete against the St. Joe Indians. At the end of the day the boys lost 18-1 and continued their losing streak.

The only score from Concord came from Justin Hayden with an assist coming from Samora Ponn. With the clock winding down and the score still a St. Joe shutout, the boys pulled together and put up a point to at least preserve the dignity of the team.

Major struggles for the team included passing, with nearly every drive down the field ending with a picked off pass going the other way. Goal-tending was also a point of concern, with goalie Brandon Supancik blocking 18 possible scores and allowing another 18. Pressure on the goalie and a lack of reliablility combined to prove insurmountable for the CHS Lacrosse team.

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