Congressman Joe Donnelly speaks to CHS class

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Rep. Donnelly speaks to class

Congressman Joe Donnelly spoke to Matt Furfaro’s (history teacher) first hour class today.

Donnelly covered a wide range of topics as he answered the students’ questions. He talked about the issue of lobbyists, their necessity in the legislative branch and a new ethics rule: no Congressman may accept gifts from lobbyists or organizations that have hired lobbyists. This ranges from elaborate gift packages to moderate dinners to simple cups of coffee. This ensures the lobbyists’ role is solely for the sake of providing information.

He spoke briefly of No Child Left behind, which is currently being rewritten. While he is not against standardized testing, he believes the process of testing needs reformed. He also mentioned the minimum wage law, which was signed in by the president last Friday, and its impact on our economy.

When asked how much influence he held in Congress, he jokingly replied, “Less than Nancy Pelosi.” He is, however, a member of the Blue Dogs, which is a conservative/moderate Democratic group that wields a lot of influence over the legislation.

Concerning next year’s election, he supports Obama, not Hillary. He expressed concern regarding the immigration issues in our country as well. In a recent Mishawaka raid, 35 illegals were deported. Their jobs were quickly refilled, he said. “If you don’t have borders, you’re not a country,” Donnelly said.

The war in Iraq only brought about support for our troops. He talked of three local soldiers who died in “heroic combat,” and thinks of them daily. Close-up of Joe Donnelly

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