Where are they?

Posted on August 21, 2007 by


Many things have changed this year so far, but students are not letting one change go unnoticed.  Everyone is asking the same question: “Why don’t we have our handbooks?”  As students at CHS are used to getting their handbooks their first days of school, this year has been a bit different.  When asked the question at hand, Mr. Waltz (Associate Principal) simply replied, “We just don’t have them.”  He said that they aren’t bound yet, because it is a very timely process but there are a few boxes already finished.

“We hoped and planned on having them out by resource on Wednesday but realistically, students should get them next week,” Waltz explained.  He also said that students and parents can access the handbook on the school’s website.  Another interesting fact about accessing it online is that for Spanish speaking students, there is a Babble Fish link in the right column under Web Update.

As it has been an inconvenience for CHS students, the office is doing their best on getting the handbooks out as soon as possible, and students will get them as soon as they are ready during resource.

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