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CHS students know the importance of getting involved, especially in the community and Key Club has always been a favorite amongst junior and senior students.  So what exactly is Key Club?  It’s a service leadership organization for high school students operating under school regulations and drawing its membership form the student body.  With an average annual active membership of fifty students, Key Club does just that every year.  Key Club is a student run club and to be an officer, members must have been in Key Club as juniors.  Members meet twice a month before school in theMedia
With projects like the Salvation Army bell ringing at the Concord Mall, the Concord Community Christmas Party and a trip to the zoo with one of
Concord’s Elementary Schools every year, Key Club does a great job of getting students involved in the community. 

“Our primary focus is to provide service to the local community,” explained Carolyn Schaffer, Career Information Specialist.  She, along with Kim Chris, Support Services Teacher, are the sponsors for the Key Club and hope that each member participates in at least three of the projects.

Not an upper classman?  Well, at CHS, there is always a way to help!  Hearts for the Homeless is also a great way to give back to the community.  With Susan Utley, FACS Teacher as the clubs sponsor, this student run club does a lot of work with the Faith Mission and the Elkhart County Women’s Shelter.  Hearts for the Homeless look for needs in the community and families who have lost their homes.  The club raises money every year through various fund raisers.  They have a candy sale and also go around at basketball games for a change drive.  That money goes towards the projects such as purchasing hats and gloves for Faith Mission and the Elkhart County Woman’s Shelter.

So when at lunch on Thursday, don’t forget to look around and sign up for clubs to get involved within the community and also here at CHS. 

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