Getting involved

Posted on August 29, 2007 by


Been wondering what else CHS can offer its students?  Well, the answer is the activity fair, during lunch on Thursday, in the cafeteria commons.  Students can find all sorts of interesting clubs and sign up for them too.

“It’s a great way for kids to get involved in something other than sports, music and the academic part of school,” said Heather Bohn, Associate Principal’s Secretary.

One of the nice perks of the clubs at CHS is that if students want to create a club of their own, all they need to do is get a teacher to sponsor, enough students interested and the approval by setting up a meeting with the associate principal to start the club.

Joel Contreras (10) is on a mission to find a new sponsor for the Painting Club, since Kristine Bradly is no longer working at CHS.  After painting the weight room last year, this club has cool ideas for the cafeteria.

“We want to change things up a bit,” Contreras said about his hope for slapping some fresh paint of the walls of CHS.  This sophomore likes the openness that the Painting Club has to offer and hopes to find a sponsor for the club to get rolling on new projects and also for more students to get involved.