Mr. Spradling: A man of many words

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Teachers all have different ways of motivating their students to do their best, and Scott Spradling (Associate band director) has his own unique way of making his students enthusiastic: telling stories. 23 years has been enough experience for this director to know that humorous, but real, stories are a great way to keep students interested.

“Most of my stories come from things that have actually happened to me,” said Spradling.

Lately, most of his stories have been about animals.  “Well, last year I hit a deer, I killed three baby bunnies, I set a racoon on fire, and I killed, like, a thousand beetles.  Then some animal came in the night and ate the dead beetles on the driveway,” said Spradling. 

“I hate varmints, and I’m scared of bats.  When I first started teaching, I lived in an apartment. One night I woke up and could hear it flying around, so I looked up and I could see this black thing.  I’d never seen a bat before that.  The bat kept flying around, and I finally got it out of my room and I shut the door and fell asleep.  I dreamt of killing the bat in all sorts of horrible, gruesome ways.  I woke up to a noise, and I could see the bat crawling under my door.  It flew into a hole in my closet, and would peek out every so often as if to taunt me.  It was out to get me!”

Spradling plans on being at Concord for many more years, but has other dreams for his future, as well.  “I plan on working until I fall over dead.  Someday I want to be a Brista. You know, those people who serve coffee at Starbucks,” said Spradling.

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