Goshen High School Marching Band Invitational

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The high expectations that lead the Concord Marching Minutemen in their performance at the CHS-Northwood Football game last Friday is again present while preparing for their first competition in the Goshen High School Invitational on Saturday, September 8th. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are all preparing for the event with goals to focus on during the rehearsal and performance.

“My goal for Saturday is to know all of my music and perform as best I can, and better than I did on Friday,” DJ Eisman (10) said.

The Goshen Invitational will be the first experience of competing in a serious marching band competition for the freshmen band members.They are following the leadership of upperclassmen by listening to advice and looking forward to having a positive experience.

“Personally, I expect to perform my best, and I think the full band will rise to the occasion and do a great job.I’m really looking forward to our first-ever competition at
Goshen,” Rachel Weeber (9)

Weeber is not the only band member expecting greatness from the band. Upperclassmen, who know exactly what to expect, are also feeling that they will perform to the level that is expected of them, if not higher.

“I expect to perform just like I always do: relaxed and calm,” Lon Hambrice (11) said.

Although most band members seem comfortable with their position right now, they also know to expect the Goshen invitational to be a lot different from the State Fair competition.

“They are totally different, almost like night and day, but the rehearsals are still going to be about the same as State Fair because we need to practice memorizing our charts,” Hambrice said.

Although the band is looking forward to the rest of the season, they know that conflict is an inevitable part of any group organization and are willing to try to overcome obstacles that could interfere with their chances of success.

“Already, people are blowing up because of controversies that have happened,” said Hambrice. “It’s going by so fast. We have to prepare for Macy’s, and I know tensions between people are going to explode and cause tremendous problems, but this year is definitely going to be fun and challenging.”

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