Spell on a roll

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S-p-e-l-l, Correct! Spell bowl is another club that is associated with CHS. The spell bowl club has been running for 3 years, all with different sponsors.

This year, the sponsor is Marlies Leszczynski (German teacher), better known as “Frau”.

“There are 10 rounds in a competition, a different person for each round,” Leszczynski said, “We only have 7 people in the club this year, so we aren’t able to participate in any competitions.”

In the competition, the participants write down the correct way to spell a word. There are two words in each round, and every round that passes, the words get harder.

“Amanda Lacey (12) has been in it for 5 years, she seems like she really enjoys it,” Leszczynski said.

For right now, the spell bowl club participants are meeting after school from 3:00-4:00 p.m.

“We are figuring out who are the stronger spellers, so that we can save them for last if we do get to be in a competition,” Leszczynski said.

The students who are in Spell bowl have to meet every Tuesday after school and practice at least three times a week.

“If we do get in the state finals, we’ll be against Jimtown and
Goshen,” Leszczynski said.

The state finals are on November 10.

“Our goal is to make it to state finals, so if you are interested in spelling, come join Spell bowl and help us make it to competitions,” Leszczynski said.

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