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Downloading music is how most of the CHS students get their music. Students go to sites such as Lime Wire to download music that they want for free. If someone can get a CD for free rather than buying it anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars, they would simply download it. 

“It is a lot cheaper than actually buying music,” said Jacob Koppel (11).  “It’s not like the artist needs the money anyway.  They’re already loaded.”       

“Downloading is more convenient than buying a CD,” Billy Sommers (11) said.

Downloading is illegal. The fine for illegally downloading can be around $2,000.

“I burn cds. Who doesn’t? Yeah it’s illegal, but so is speeding and people do that everyday and get away with it,” Phillip Jones (11) said.

The artists do have a problem with the people that choose to download their music rather than buying it. It means that the artist is not receiving the money for all the people that download. The artist is not being supported.

“I download music unless, I really like that person. I wouldn’t bootleg their music if I really like them,” Destiney LaGrand (11) said.

Designers put a lot of work and time into the covers and booklets that are placed inside the cd cover. It costs money for an artist to pay for the computer graphics that are made for the artist. If a CD is downloaded, then the hard work put into that will not be noticed.

“The only reason I buy a CD is to get all of the extra papers inside.

It is cheaper for CHS students to download their music. Without buying the CD, the students are not fully supporting their favorite artists.

Kate Kilgore

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