Painting club

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Painting away, the artsy students of CHS have eagerly waited the beginning of the Painting Club that Kristine Bradley (previous drawing/painting teacher) ran. During resource periods, the students of 2006-2007 Painting Club began creating a mural in the main hallway. It contains puzzle pieces of each intramural and academic subjects at CHS. However, Bradley recently moved from CHS, allowing Brandon Kurtz (art teacher) to fill her place.

“I have been talking to Bryan Waltz (associate principal) about filling in my hall duties during resource period,” Kurtz said, “that way I can allow this club to begin,”

Kurtz said that he is not sure when it is going to happen, but hopefully it will begin on Wednesday, September 19.

“I have been talking to Joel Contreas (10) about the club last year,” Kurtz said,” and he has told me that they haven’t finished the main hallway mural,”

According to Kurtz, they will have meetings to discuss the possibilities of murals throughout the school.

“I don’t know what we’re doing yet, specifically, but we’ll know when meetings start,” Kurtz said.

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