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The Wizard of Oz is very well known among the CHS students. The school band is taking a trip to see the musical, Wicked. In The Wizard of Oz, a house falls on a wicked witch and a young girl, Dorothy, is claimed to be the person who made the house fall on the witch. Dorothy is looked at as a hero. Stephen Schwartz is the director of the musical Wicked.

In the musical, the witch tells a story about what went on in Oz before Dorothy appeared from Kansas. It is about the college years of the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch. It tells of their friendship and such. It is a mystical and adventurous story. Though, the musical does not contain every thing that is in the novel, it is an interesting piece.

“It is light fun at first. When you get toward the end, you feel emotionally drained and tired, but in a good way though,” Fernando Gonzalez (11) said.

Wicked is supposed to last two hours and thirty minutes along with a fifteen minute intermission. Some students have been to it more than once and want to go again.

“I liked it because it had awesome songs,” Cassie Elliott (11) said.

In the musical, there are a lot of twists and turns. It shows how the Wicked Witch is discriminated against because she is green.

“It made me think outside the box,” Barbra Aenis (12) said.

The band is going to New York to see it. It costs $1,017.50 to go. The students will be leaving for
New York on November 20.

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