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CHS plays are usually based on one main person. This year, there are a numerous amount of main characters. There are twenty-four cast members. Another change this year is that there are understudies. The understudies learn one of the cast’s lines incase something unfortunate happens and they can’t make it. They also help with costumes and other behind the scene things.

“This year, we have decided to make the play an ensemble, rather than just basing it on a main character,” Bruce Bordner (English), the main director of the play, said.

In the past 3-4 years, the students in CHS plays have been based on the earlier 1990’s. This year, the play will take place in a more recent time.

“The story of Fame presents opportunity for we as students to act in a time relevant to our own,” Allison Marsh (12) the English teacher in the play said. “In the past we have done period pieces which we have not necessarily related to,” Allison Marsh (12) the English teacher in the play said.”

The play is Fame. It is about a group of young people accepted into New York’s performing arts school. It is about the group’s struggles, teachers, parents, and successes. They are trying to acheive their dream of being famous. It is more about what people go through trying to become famous, and their dedication and effort.

Students make some sort of effort every day. Some students are in the play because they are looking for a future career in what they do in the play.

 “I’m planning on being a director in the future and I’m the student director of the play. I do all the things Bordner doesn’t want to do,” Patrick Thompson (11) said. 

 “I wanted to try something new and I wanted to have more experience toward acting. You never know where your skills will take you some day. I enjoy performing, acting, and commercials. I want to do those things as my career some day,” Yolo Lopez-Perez (12) said.

 Fame will be occurring on November 1, 2, and 3.

Kate Kilgore

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