ACT testing

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Preparing for college requires not only choosing a major and buying Ramen noodles in bulk, but also taking college-prep tests like the ACT.

Some colleges prefer to have an SAT score from students, while others, like a lot of schools in Michigan and Iowa, prefer to have the ACT score. However, there is a conversion chart that will convert your score to either one. So what’s the difference between the SAT and ACT tests?

“People who do better in subjects like English ten to score better on the ACT,” Christa Shippy (guidance counselor) said. “The ACT tests on English, math, science and reading, where the SAT tests on English, math, science, history, and language.”

In addition to English, math, science, and reading, the ACT also has an optional writing exam for an extra (but refundable) fee. Without the writing exam, the ACT is $30.  With the writing exam it is $44.50.

ACT results can be sent to up to four colleges of the tester’s choice for no additional charge, but the fifth and sixth colleges will cost an extra $8.50 each.

Testing will be available each month from September 15, 2007 to June 14, 2008.  Preparation booklets and information on test dates and online/mail-in registration can be picked up in student services.

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