Penn Invitational

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Preparation is an important part of any competitive activity, including marching band. The Concord Marching Minutemen will be performing at the Penn High School invitational on Saturday, September 22 and they have been preparing for it all week.

“Compared to this time last year, we are definitely a lot more prepared,” Erika Field (10) said. “We have a lot more charts and choreography.”

The band also knows that good preparation means that you should have a goal to keep in mind while you’re practicing.

“My goal for this week is to work on my marching and music for part two of
Providence,” Sean Zimmerle (11) said.

Even freshmen know that a lot of intense work is ahead of them while they are getting ready for Saturday. “I know I’ve got to work hard this week and the rest of the season,” Ryan Miller (9) said.

Hard work helps band members prepare for a performance, but most people have something in particular that helps them to truly perform.

“The physical and music warm-ups that we do right before we do right before really gets me pumped and excited for the show,” Field said. 

Directors and members alike know what is really at the heart of preparing for a good show. “One word,” Zimmerle said. “Practice!”

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