Daily Grind closes

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From strawberry scones to carrot cake; from peppermint patty brownies to bran berry muffins, the nearby Daily Grind is filled with sweets, not to mention the beloved coffee. Unfortunately, after seven years of business The Daily Grind is going out of business.

“Our last day is September 21,” Joan Yoder (manager) said.

Kelly Frye (12) has faithfully gone to Daily Grind for coffee and other food products for over a year.

“I’m sad. It’s like we’re losing a little treasure,” Frye said, “I value having a little shop nearby, not one that is chain-ran.”

The average amount of people visiting the Grind per week is 420 to 470, according to Yoder.

“We’d get about 75 to 80 people a day, although Saturdays and summer time, we don’t get as many people,” Yoder said.

Not enough traffic and a low per person sale are the main reasons for shutting down, according to Yoder.

“I’m very sad to see this shop shut down, but we’re moving downtown,” Yoder said, “Come and see us at 113 East Lexington, by the river.”

The downtown location, though a little further away, still has strawberry scones, carrot cake, peppermint patty brownies, and the all loving coffee.

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