Parent Teacher Confrences

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A parent teacher conference is a gathering of parents and teachers. The parents make their way to CHS to meet their child’s teachers. They have conversations of how well or how poor the child is doing in that class. The conversations may be good or bad for the student. The student may go home with a disappointed or a proud parent, depending on the conversation.

“I think they get people into trouble with their parents,” Miguel Sotelo (11) said.

If a student does what he or she is supposed to do as a student, they may be fearless of parent teacher conferences.

“I really don’t care about what the teachers say to my parents because they can’t say anything bad because I don’t do anything bad,” Nathan Andrews (12) said. “I think for the most part, they have a point for the students that don’t do anything in class. It gives the teachers and parents a chance to talk about what the child really needs.”

Some students may think that parent teacher conferences should not happen as often as they do.

Parent teacher conferences give the teachers and parent a chance to get to know one another. This way they can discuss their child’s grades and participation in class.

 “I enjoy parent teacher conferences. They are vital for the schedule we’re on,” Craig Shafer (math) said. “It’s about the only opportunity the teachers have to communicate with the parents.”

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