Mini Film Festival

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Inspired by the popular website YouTube, Collen Finn (12) had the idea for a Mini Film Festival.

“People don’t have the opportunity to show their creativity here at school through film” Finn said, “we wanted to try something new and different.”

In the community lecture room, Tuesday, there were five films shown.  Those films were:

  • Four Legged Stalker (Chelsea Griffen, 10)
  • A Film about What? (Travis Cox, Carl Stutsmen and Ryan Peat, 12)
  • The Bothersome Black and White Penguin (Stevie Putman, 11)
  • Skate for a Date (Alisenne Turner, 9)
  • Hero Fun (Jeremiah VanderMolen, 12)

The films had certain criteria involved, such as a 3 minute time limit and, it had to be school appropriate.  Dan Cunningham (principal) and Bryan Waltz (associate principal) reviewed the films to make sure the films met the level approval. 

Various prizes will be awarded to all participants and the winning film will aired Friday’s edition of Concord Live.

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