Changes in voting process

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Changes in the voting process for football homecoming have created some mixed reactions.

“I think the voting process is not as good as last year,” Megan Vail (11) said. “People who want to vote who forget, can’t vote, and it makes it hard for them to get their opinions in.”

Students this year voted for one male and one female in their grade at lunchtime last week. According to Heather Bohn (associate principal’s secretary) this process is much better than last year’s.

 “[Homecoming was changed] because we’re trying something different this year,” Bohn said, “It will open up the chances of more students that want to be nominated, to be nominated.”

Apart from last year where students had the chance to nominate a male and female from their resource rooms, it is now open to the whole school.

“I didn’t vote this year, because I didn’t know it was voting time,” Amanda Ernsperger(11) said. “It’s easier when they vote during resource period.”

This year’s homecoming court includes Jari Johnson and Joe Adams (freshmen), Jen Dawson and Jarred Fair (sophomores), and Lexi Briganti and Ben Clark (juniors).

Senior nominees chosen are Lindsey Downs and John Rowe, Suraya Habib and Brad Harbaugh, and Kayleigh Holland and Chris Bahena.

The homecoming court will be honored along with the announcement of king and queen during halftime at the football game Friday against Northridge.

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