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The first ISSMA competition of the season took place last Saturday atPenn
High School. So far, the Marching Minutemen have competed at 3 school invitationals, which get the band ready for state competition.

“We did our best, which is all the directors ask of us,” Kelsey Beabout (12) said. “I think we improved a lot from last week.”

As with any team activity, the band has to work together and pay attention to their relationship on the field and in the music with everyone else.

“I think that sometimes we rush through parts of our music, but it’s not that bad,” Kelsey Vander Vliet (9) said. “We need to move through charts as a line, too.”

Band members not only have to worry about how the show looks all together, but also how they perform individually.

“I think I did okay,” Vander Vliet said. “It wasn’t my best performance, although I tried harder to play all my music correctly.”

“My goal is to memorize new parts of the show and excel in every rehearsal and performance,” Beabout said.

Although this weekend will not be an ISSMA competition, the band knows that they still need to work hard on their show in order to be successful.

“My goal is to really memorize the choreography and take bigger steps,” Vander Vliet said. “The more we work on certain parts of the show, the more we will have it down and ready to compete.”

Their next performance is Saturday at the Homestead Invitational.

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