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Clubs at CHS are a huge part of students’ lives, keeping them busy during resource. Current Events club is a new club that is being added to the enormous list of clubs at CHS. The purpose of this club is to discuss current events within a group.

“I love talking about current events and hearing different views from people,” Robin Bortner (12) said.

With class and homework, there is no time for talk about what is going on in the world today. Bortner had the thought of creating a club where all discussions are revolved around current events while talking with her grandmother.

“She said something about voting and how there should be an IQ test before anyone is aloud to vote, that teenagers don’t have an opinion on anything important. I told her that I don’t think there should be,” Bortner said, “if you bring up the subject of Iraq, everyone has an opinion”.

Approximately fifteen people have signed up for the club already, but more will be able to sign up during a call out meeting next Wednesday after school. Anyone who is interested in signing up before that time or if anyone has questions can see Chris Judson (English Teacher) or Robin Bortner.

“I hope it will be a success since a lot of people have signed up so far,” Bortner said.