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Color guard consists of spinning flags and moving boxes. That is not all that color guard is. Everything has to be perfect for the full effect. There are steps to be learned and movements to be memorized. It is a difficult skill to maintain. Everybody has to be on key.

“Right now, we are just cleaning up our routine. We are moving beyond learning the work and trying to make it better,” Alyssa Mathieau (11) said.

Color guard is an actual period during the day. It is fifth period for only one trimester. The period lasts until 3:20 p.m. everyday. On Wednesdays, there is practice with the band from 6-9 p.m. Color guard meets up every Saturday in the mornings. The team has a practice and does warm-ups; those practices really pay off.

It can be difficult to perform the show in front of thousands of people. 

“I perform like no one’s watching,” Nikki Troyer (11) said.

Color guard is a great experience. People who like to dance or perform should take it. The costume rental fee is $60 along with the $5 equipment rental, the $5 for tights and the $17 for shoes. There is a Macy’s trip that is optional. It happens during Thanksgiving and it is about a six day trip. The color guard can take this trip to be in the parade in New York City. There will be Greyhound busses to be taken down. It costs around $1,200.

“I’m going on the trip. I wanted to participate in dance activities because I like to dance,” Rachelle Fox (11) said. “Right now we are getting ready for state. Everybody’s really talented and we work really well together.”


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