Dance team

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Listening to the sounds of hip music while dancing to the beat is what the CHS dance team is all about. Over the summer the girls hear to a camp to learn the dances for this season. For four days the girls worked hard for eight hours. Marching band is over and the girls are warming up their legs as they continue to move closer to Christmas Spec and their first invitational on January 1, 2008.

“All of our invitations are on Saturdays except for a few, maybe,” Yolo Lopez-Perez (12) said.

The team will be receiving new outfits this year to wear to their competitions as well as new songs chosen by Colleen Molnar. They will also have one team this year instead of the two they had last year.

“I’m really excited about getting new uniforms this year but we don’t know what they are,” Rachelle Fox (11) said.

The dance team will begin practicing next Wednesday from 6pm-9pm at the high school. If anyone wishes to join the team they must wait until next year.

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