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The cast members and directors are practicing hard to make sure everything will be famous for the play, Fame. The 24-member cast have to tidy up all of their loose ends for next week. Each movement and word has to be perfected for the play.

“We are starting the process of polishing the play,” Bruce Bordner (English/director) said. “Close to thirty students have been working hard together to create a unique show that includes acting, singing, and dancing.”

There is practice Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 5-8:30 for the play. The practices have recently contained “tech” rehearsal. “Tech” rehearsal consists of making sure everything works correctly. Microphones, music, and lights have come into the practices.

“Right now, I practice my dance moves and practice being a different person,” Yolo Lopez-Perez (12/Phenicia) said. “I know all of my lines and I’m not really nervous because I am used to being on stage. It is stressful having to be rushed.”

The play takes play in the 1980’s. Some of the cast feel they really understand their character. There is a few kissing scenes in Fame.

“The 80’s is a more energetic and more spontaneous type of feel. We have started with the microphones and they change the sound of your voice,” Arielle Muccio (12/Doris Schwartz).

Fame will be happening November 1, 2, and 3 at 7 p.m. It will cost $5 for students, $5 for senior citizens and $6 for adults.

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