First Annual Talent Show

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Break out your microphones everybody. CHS is hosting its first annual talent show. The talent show will be held Wednesday, November 14 in the Community Lecture Room.

The talent show is being conducted to raise money for Elkhart’s Studebaker Park that has just recently been vandalized. Studebaker’s playground had been set on fire, according to Beaney Lopez (student).

“The money that we raise will be used to buy trash cans and benches to help the park”, Lopez said.

Beaney, along with her classmates Yandelhi Gomez and Yanet Gutierrez wanted to do something to help their community.

“Yanhi mentioned this to me and Yanet,”Lopez said. “She wanted to do something to help the community”.

They were prompted to do this when their U.S. Government teacher, Mr. Furfaro, assigned them a service learning project at the beginning of the trimester.

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