Key Club skates with children

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Key Club, a club solely based on helping others, is having another annual skating party with Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS). BBBS is an organization that “provides role models to children in need of friendship and guidance enriched by professional support,” according to

“The key club members go to Holiday Roller rink and skate with the children from Big Brothers Big Sisters,” Carolyn Schaffer said.

The organization has volunteers take a child as their friends. According to, the volunteers have to be friendly, caring, have the ability to have fun, and be able to see the child on a daily basis.

“They do it as one of their many services that they do, just something to help out the community,” Schaffer said.

BBBS will be supervising the skating party at Holiday Roller rink from 4:30 to 6:30 on Sunday.

“The children and the BBBS members go, and the Key Club members go and meet the children and skate with the children,” Schaffer said. “If the child doesn’t have anyone to skate with, or they don’t know how, the Key Club members help.”

Randal VanNevel is participating in the skating party this Sunday.

“I went last year and it was a lot of fun,” VanNevel said. “I met this boy, he was really nervous at first, but I taught him how to skate and he seemed like he had a great time.”

VanNevel, along with other Key Club members will be with the children this Sunday, skating.

“I had a great time,” VanNevel said. “I love skating and I love kids, so it’s a great combination.”

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