Delays and Cancellations

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The weather outside is frightful, but the delays are so delightful. Sleeping in on a school day without being truant to school is something much desired by students. This week, 2-hour delays have been declared more than once.

“We can have as many 2-hour delays as we want,” Matthew Schrock (math teacher) said. “We can’t have any closed school days. That’s a big no-no. We will have to make those up.”

This year, the last day of school is tentatively May 28. If there are days that have to be canceled, then students will have to make them up on May 30, June 2, 3 or 4. Snow days are the main reasons for make up days.

There is a process that determines whether or not students will have to have a two-hour delay or no school. The determination can be made the night before or early in the morning.

“We monitor the weather from a variety of different sources; however, it is actually while we are on the road anywhere from 3:30 to 4:00 a.m.,” George Dyer (superintendent) said. “We drive seven miles. If we think that the conditions are too bad, then we decide whether there is school or not.”

Determining if there is going to be a delay or cancellation the night before can be tricky. The conditions would have to be bad enough to know for sure that they will still be there the next day.

“Seldom do we make the decision the night before,” Dyer said. “We usually call in before 5:30.”

It is all up to Dyer and the weather to determine if the students get to sleep in or if there is any school.

§Kate Kilgore

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