New twist to language

Posted on December 12, 2007 by


The Chinese population, growing continuously throughout Indiana, is becoming more fluent within the CHS community. According to Marlies (Frau) Leszczynski (German teacher), the Chinese economy is intertwining into our community very quickly. For this purpose, the CHS administrators and the school board are adding a new course onto the many other courses CHS allow the students to take; Chinese I-IV.

“By adding the class it’ll tie our entire community to China and their economy,” Leszczynski said.

Dan Cunningham (principal) is taking a trip to China over the summer with community members and some administrators.

“They are going to learn about China and their lifestyle,” Leszczynski said.

CHS administrators are unsure about the teacher at this time.

“They are going to decide whether the teacher is a local, or a distance staff worker once all of the students sign up for their classes,” Leszczynski said, “If a lot of people sign up, then we’ll most likely get someone to who is local so they’ll be here all the time.”

Along with having this new course, they will be adding on to AP World History, to include the Chinese culture which the administrators and community members learn about while on their trip to China.

Students who are interested can sign up for Chinese I during third trimester.

§Caytee Clark