Live From the January 22, 2008 School Board Meeting

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5:41 – Meeting is over. 

5:40 – The Board has approved awarding tax anticipation warrants to Nat City Investments.

The Board officially approves the Bridge Academy.

Upcoming meetings:

Jan 29 – 8:30 a.m. – Pre-Bid Construction Meeting

Feb 4 – 7 p.m. – Regular Board Meeting (at Education Center)

Feb 7 – 2 p.m. – Receive and open construction bids for new CJHS

Feb 19 – 4 p.m. – Regular Board Meeting (at Education Center)

Feb 26 – TBA – Ceremonial ground breaking for new CJHS

Mar 3 – 7 p.m. – Regular Board Meeting (at Education Center)

Mar 17 – 11:45 a.m. – Board Meeting at Elkhart Career Center

Also, Tim Tahara is taken a new position: executive director.

5:34 – Emergency expenditure – Repairing a broken-down forklift – the Board approved placing it under the 2007 Capital Projects

5:30 – 2008 Finance Committee and Board Policies have been approved by school board. 

5:26 – Action items – Consent agenda is approved by the Board. 

5:23 – Presentation complete. It went well considering the impromptu nature. Chris and Kelly were very helpful. The Board was impressed. Time for Part 2 of the meeting to begin.

5:03 – School board election info – Candy Yoder and Larry Mast’s seats are up for election.

Filing period is from tomorrow to February 22.

Time for our presentation. 

5:00 – Division of Educational Options of the Indiana DOE visited the Bridge Academy. They granted full approval for the program.

Statistics: 14 junior high and 10 high school students in Bridge program.

The Board wants to officially approve the Bridge program, so it has been added to the Action agenda. 

4:57 – J-Lab presentation coming up soon. 

4:56 – Results from 2006-07 Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAO):

LED (limited English) students have two tests that measure improvement: ISTEP and Las Links. According to Las Links, students have shown achievement.

4:53 – Title I Parent Involvement Policy – Board will be asked for approval at the February 4 meeting

General consensus: parent involvement is not as great as it should be, according to Dane Hamilton (West Side Elementary principal and a Title I administrator). 

4:45 – 2007 School Bus Safety Program – The BEEs program is continuing successfully. Bus Driver Pam Stevens coordinates it.

The 2008 Science Fair will be held Saturday, February 23 at Concord Junior High. They anticipate at least 150 entries.

To provide more activities, the Starlab Planetarium from ETHOS will be present to add some hands-on science activities. These activities will be in the back gym, and all science fair participants will all be in the front gym.

4:42 – They planted crops, sold them, and eventually donated $21,200. The Concord district supplied the land. Now there are 15 demoninations involved with the program. A man from Guatemala testified to Roush via the Foods Resource Bank how valuable the donations were. 

4:36 – Foods resource bank projects – A significant contribution has been made to Foods Resource Bank due to a partnership with the Elkhart Church of the Brethren, Brodbeck Seeds, Ron Martin Seeds and Supply and Marvin Roush.

Judy Roush is discussing. 

4:33 – Healthy lifestyles initatives – A 12-week program to help individuals achieve a healthy lifestyle, lose/maintain weight, learn proper nutrition, and the benefits of fitness and effectively manage stress.  Twenty-five employees have signed up. 

4:30 – Discussion of by-laws and policies concludes. Next, the tentative board meeting schedule.

January 29 – Pre-bid construction meeting

February 7 – Receive bids – 2 p.m.

February 19 – Award construction bids

February 26 – Groundbreaking

March 17 – Meeting at the Career Center at 11:45.  Lunch at 12:30

4:23 – Board notes that all teachers must go through a background check.

Now they’re discussing the teacher hiring process: reference checks happen at the “building level” (the individual school), according to Dyer. Then, after the principal makes a recommendation to Dyer, the central office will run a limited criminal history background check. 

4:17 – By-Laws – Election and Appointment (for school board members) – School board members must resign if they accept another job.

0142.5 – Orientation of Board Members

0165.3 – Special Meeting – wording change

0167.1 – Voting – A board member cannot vote unless he/she is physically present at the meeting.  If a board member is away, he/she can interact via teleconference, but he/she cannot participate in a vote – an Indiana code.

4:12 – Policies that are being questioned: 3123, Mentor Program for Professional Staff. The Board is required to review it every five years, and the time to review it will come up soon.

3231 – Outside Activities of Staff – A teacher can tutor a student for compensation only if the student is not in his/her class.

3362 – Anti-harassment – The student “bullying” section addresses questions from this section.

3430.01 – Family & Medical Leaves of Absence

3120.04 – Employment of Substitutes

3122 – Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity – Wayne Stubbs is the compliance officer for the Concord district.

4:09 – The Board is reviewing the 3000 section – professional staff.

4:07 – Legislative update: main issue to be discussed is property tax reform. Property taxes play a large role in funding the schools, according to Larry Mast (school board president), so the district should watch the debate closely.

4:04 – George Dyer (superitendent) begins his Superintendent’s report. First on the agenda: the 2007 investment report. The district did not have as much money to invest this year, and the interest rate declined, so the investment picture as a whole declined.

Overall: decreased to $459,849 from $615,158

4:01 – The meeting is about to start.  Some of the J-Lab editors and I are making a presentation to the Board discussing all the new things that we’ve started in J-Lab 140.

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