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After a long season of conditioning, the girls track team have been preparing for their time to shine since November.“This year is not going to be as strong as last year, but I think it will be fine,” Tracy Swain (12) said.

Tracy predicts that the strongest runners this season for the 800 will herself and Cari McAfoos. She also thinks that the 4×8 team (Sam Riley, Sheila Thomasbi, Cari McAfoos, and herself) is going to be very strong this year.

“This year our coach [Lindsey Yoder] is really emphasizing ‘team’ so we’re all really close,” Swain said.

Although the long distance runners have been toiling away, they’re not the only ones working hard.

“The new coach is making the sprinters work especially hard, and I think Heather Willoughby (12) will do very well,” Swain said.

But after the loss of last year’s seniors, the girls are striving to fill big shoes.

“We lost some of our best throwers, like Jahrea Jackson, so we’re struggling to live up to them,” Shannon Whalen (11) said.

Shannon looks to the other main throwers, Daniella Panetta (11) and Corinda Thrapp (10) to help in contributing to a win.

“There are only four shot putters, so we’re trying to work really hard to compensate the small amount of people we have,” Whalen said.

Even if there may be a lack of girls, there is not a lack of talent, and the girls are expected to do very well this season.

-Alex Lutian

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