Cocanower to become new associate principal

Posted on March 26, 2008 by


Recently CHS discovered that changes will be made within the CHS administration. Now, the specific change has been determined, as Renee Cocanower (director of student service) will become the new associate principal of CHS beginning next school year. She will replace Bryan Waltz (associate principal), who will become the principal at Concord South Side Elementary.

Cocanower believes that her skills will be better utilized in her new job.

“My education and training has best prepared me to serve in that role because I would be involved in curriculum and staff development,” Cocanower said.

Although she will still be in contact with students, she will miss the amount of contact with students. She notes that this time with students, though, has prepared her for the associate principal position. Knowing diploma requirements and her experience preparing her students for post-high school life will help her perform better.

Her successor as director of student services has not been determined yet.

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