Live From the May 5 School Board Meeting

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6:14 – The next meeting is May 19. Hopefully next year’s editor in chief, Jessika Bollero (10), will accompany me. This will be my last meeting as editor in chief.

6:12 – The Board approves using the Education Services Company to oversee the process of acquiring new furniture for the new junior high building. Student desks, chairs, and tables would be the main furniture acquired.

6:08 – The Board is now discussing a furniture acquisition proposal from the Educational Services Company.

6:03 – Construction on CR 24 is progressing, though Dyer said he would like to progress more quickly.

5:56 – Overall, the majority of the school will not need renovation, but parts will need it.

5:49 – The main entrance will move to the south side of the building, which will allow for more classrooms to be built on the north side. A new parking lot will be paved as well which will include staff parking and room for the busses.

5:44 – An update on the Intermediate School Planning Team progress. The project is due to bid in November, and construction will begin in Spring 2009.

5:41 – George Dyer (superitendent) forgot to allow for a two-minute break, so this will occur now.

5:36 – Some of the things Cunningham is discussing include:

– The Academic Banquet was May 1.

– Commencement update: first meeting between senior and junior class sponsors and class officers recently occurred. Faculty speaker: vote will be between two faculty members. Two students will speak at graduation: the valedictorian and the winner of today’s speak off (this has not been announced). The Board members will shake students’ hands.

– Over 400 students are taking AP exams over the next two weeks. This Friday is the Dollars for Scholars breakfast. The Pops Concert will be Friday and Saturday.

– Cunningham emphasizes that June 2, the seniors will return to receive their diplomas.

5:34 – The Board will be asked to approve the CHS, CJHS and elemntary handbook revisions for the 2008-09 school year. Now Cunningham to discuss end-of-year information.

5:29 – A discussion over cell phone policy occurring. The Board is interrogating both Armitage and Rob Zook (CJHS assistant principal).

5:24 – More dress code changes: pants must be at the waist (instead of not revealing underwear) and holes are only permitted below the knees.

5:20 – Here are Dan Cunningham (principal) and Tracy Armitage (assistant principal) to discuss changes in the CHS handbook for next year.

The main changes include: the weighted grading scale, adopting the district dress code and transportation policy. Also Saturday school is being abolished. Now Wednesday School will be the only three-hour detention program. Armitage said that the change was made so that students could be held more accountable for missing the detention.

5:14 – The Art Show is tonight from 6 to 9 p.m.

Results of kindergarten round-up: 257 students from all four elementary schools, higher than normal.

5:12 – The CHS Symphonic Band competed in the state finals over the weekend and will play at tonight’s band festival.

Three CHS students finished first in a state skills competition: Justin Clements (11), Kaylee Hershberger (11) and Krysta Bowen (12).

5:09 – And now the English team update. They finished fourth in the state in class A and are receiving certificates from the Board.

5:06 – To begin, Jeff Stutzman (English team) and Robin Bortner (12) will present part of her speech she will present at the Catholic Forensic League tournament over the Memorial Day Weekend.

5:04 – Computer is up and the meeting has started.

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