Tardy policy questioned

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“Being prompt is a life skill that is emphasized at Concord High School,” states page 25 of every CHS student’s planner. This year’s new tardy policy has caused an uproar of displeasure in CHS’s student body. The old policy let students have 6 tardies before any repercussions. This year’s policy gives students a detention for each of their first four tardies. After four tardies students are considered insubordinate.

“Well, when it’s the same punishment for the first four tardies, then all of a sudden it’s really bad it’s kind of awkward,” Madison Freeze (11) said. “There’s no buildup. It’s like detention, detention, detention, detention, after school!”

“It’s irrational,” Lauren Hardy (11) said. “Some kids get sick, some get stuck by trains on the way to school, things happen. The old policy was fine: five tardies then a punishment. It gave us a little leeway for unavoidable accidents.”

Many guesses have been made by students as to why the policy has changed.

“There’s a lot of kids who were taking advantage of last year’s policy, so now they have to punish everyone,” said Freeze. “They should find some type of medium. I don’t know how many tardies kids get on average so it’s hard for me to say. It’s not fair to kids who are only late a couple times; we should get a little leeway.”

Though Freeze and Hardy agree that the new policy is unfair they also agree it will rarely affect them.

“It’ll probably affect me a few times,” Freeze said. “Not for being late to classes during the day, but being late to school will be an issue as we get further into the year.”

Jessika Bollero

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