The mishap

Posted on August 22, 2008 by


There have been some mistakes on the schedules this year. What had happened was the unfilled areas in the personal sections of the schedules were being filled with incorrect information. Some students began to notice the mistakes during the freshman orientation on the 19th of this month. Parents were concerned and approached Cathy Conrad (data processor) complaining of the incorrect information. Conrad realized that there must be some sort of glitch after about the third complaint.

The cause of these problems may have been the change in software. There has recently been an update with the software that the schedules are produced with. It is probable that is the reason for the mishap.

The issue has now been fixed. It did not take long for the situation to be taken care of.

“It was a quick fix really,” Cathy Conrad (data processor) said. “What took a long time was reprinting the schedules.”

The new schedules were successfully distributed to all of the students and it is hoped that this will not be a reoccurring problem in the following years.

Kate Kilgore