To graduate or not to graduate

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Some major changes have taken place regarding next week’s ISTEP+ schedule, and while freshmen may benefit from the changes, upperclassmen may not be so lucky.
The usual freshman testing that has taken place in the past will not take place next week, so freshmen will go about their normal schedules. All sophomores, along with 212 assorted juniors and seniors, are scheduled to take the test.
Due to the lower number of students participating this year, school will be functioning normally, for the most part. That means no job shadowing, no college visits, no volunteer work, not even a study hall for students that aren’t testing.
“ISTEP+ testing trumps everything,” Renee Cocanower (Associate Principal) said. “For some students, this is the difference between graduating and not graduating. That’s why it’s called a Graduation Qualifying Exam.”
According to Cocanower, the school simply doesn’t have the staff and time required to create such a complex schedule this year.
“We just didn’t have the resources this year,” she said.
Every student testing should receive information regarding their testing room, time and their supervising teacher today.

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